Sonya was the member of special forces agency. She was a leutinant under the command of Jackson Briggs. Sonya and her friend Kano went to an island to explore where Sonya's father had been lost. Their helicopter crashes however, and they land on the secret island. Sonya survives and searches the island, finding many Black Dragon members, led by Kano. She follows Kano into the Jungle where she sees a great Palace. Then she gets captured by Tasia.

She was brought to a ship where Lance was also kept captive. Tasia kills him, shooting his head. Then she says that Sonya might be useful to draw Jax into a trap. But then a man shows up and beats the Black Dragon thugs. Sonya kills Tasia and she and John leaves for the palace. There was a tournament led by an old man named Shang Tsung. Sonya searchs for Kano and his men. She finds a man named Kobra and demands him to tell what was happening there. He tells that this tournament would determine the fate of our realm, if they had lost the invaders of other dimension would destroy the realm. Then he joins a fight against a green ninja and loses the match and his face.

Sonya could no longer stand to this slaughter. She tries to raise her gun against Shang Tsung, but her gun bursts. Then she was approached by a mysterious man who tells her the true nature of this tournament. After the fight he takes her to meet the defenders of the Earthrealm, Liu Kang, John, Wilson Tong and others.