Sindel was a priestess in the temple of Sibella the Divine. She was raised from her childhood to serve the Divine to make Edenia even more flourishing and beautiful and bring the wisdom of Sibella to its people. For this she had to become the queen of Edenia. The King Niber was already married. But his son - Prince Jerrod was 15 and single. And Sindel was 20. She wrote a letter to the prince and invited him to the temple. There she seduced him and Jerrod promised that when he becomes King, he will marry her. After 2 years King Niber mysteriously died. And Jerrod became King. Soon he married Sindel and they had a girl.

At these times the savage people around the realm joined forces to rebel against The Kingdom of Edenia. Shao Kahn of Khazmaz people had allied with the Tarkatan, Shokan and other savage peoples. They said Shao Kahn had lived 50 years, but he looked like 20 years old and he was a powerful and clever warrior. It was no surprise that the arrogant warriors bowed to him. He was even worshipped as a God among his people. Sindel often visited the temple of Sibella and wished all his enemies very cruel and painful death. She had sent many assassins to kill the leaders of the rebellion, but failed. It looked like the Divines turned their back to Edenia.

When the rebels reached the gates of Asgeria, Sindel convinced Jerrod to demand a Mortal Kombat, for she knew that it would not be honourable for the savage fighters to refuse the offer. Shao Kahn accepted as she had predicted. King Jerrod used his best knights to compete in the tournament, but they failed. In the end Shao Kahn challenged Jerrod himself and King was killed in front of Sindel.

Shao Kahn killed many nobles of Edenia, but spared some of them especially Sindel. He claimed the throne for himself and made Sindel his Kahnum. Edenia was no more. Sindel lost all her hopes for life and suicided herself leaving her daughter Kitana behind