Kitana was the daughter of King Jerrod and Queen Sindel. She was born with a twin brother. After they were born Sindel escaped with her son, leaving Kitana behind. Everyone thought Mileena was the twin Kitana was born with. Kitana grew up thinking that she and Mileena were the daughters of Shao Kahn and Sindel, and their mother had died when they were born.

In fact Sindel had sacrificed herself to the divines to give her children long life. Thus Kitana and her unknown brother lived long life, making people believe that Kitana was in fact Shao Kahn's daughter. But the origin of Mileena was unknown.

Kitana was always interested in the ancient Edenia, learning its history, culture and kings and queens. But she never knew her true father.

During the Grand Tournament, she wants to protect her realm by joining the Mortal Kombat as a masked assassin, with her friend Jade. She was defeated by Kung Lao and speared. Kitana also meets a fighter man called Bo'rai Cho, who was in fact Liu Kang. Liu serves as her protector and they discover about Kitana's true past.

When Kitana hears about her mother's ressurection, she travels to the Earthrealm along with Liu Kang. But she was killed by the false Sindel.