Jade was the daughter of Darrius the leader of Seidan Resistance. She was also a member of it and a closed friend of princess Kitana. Jade participated in the Mortal Kombat tournament made in Shao Kahn's coliseum. At first she thought that she was defending her realm, but when she realized that was wrong, she withdrew from the tournament.

Jade in fact comes from the bloodline of the true heir of Edenia, but she didn't know that. But once a monk named Bo'Rai Cho appeared and told Kitana of a false secret that she was in fact Jerrrod's daughter. Kitana and Jade went to Shang Tsung's flesh pits to discover the clones of Mileena's. They understood that Shao Kahn might have feared that Kitana would one day learn of her true past and when that happens he would have another daughter to replace her. Kitana started to look for Shang Tsung to learn if that was true. Then they witness Liu Kang defeating Shao Kahn.

After his defeat the emperor gets completely mad and decides to take over the Earthrealm. Shang Tsung reveals that he resurrected the Queen Sindel and she resides in Earthrealm now. So Shao Kahn and his centaurian armies begin to conquer the Earthrealm. And Kitana disappears mysteriously.

The throne was being held by General Reiko and the great loyal army. But Darrius decides to wait when the Shokan army rebels and fights the royal army. General Reiko defeats the first armies, but when the Kuatan races join the Shokan, Reiko decides to fall back to the imperial city. Jade and some of her followers see this as an opportunity and joins the royal forces to enter the city.

But soon after the great explosions took place outside of the city gates and it was revealed that the shokan army had been destroyed, King Goro with it. This time the Tarkatan army held siege outside the city. But the real slaughter started when the Shadow Priests began to kill the nobles. The royal army had been scattered and Reiko had escaped. The priests opened the gates for the Tarkatan forces. They were led by Maroko and Mileena. Jade watched hiding while Shang Tsung brought Mileena and Maroko to the throne.