Gorbak was the son of King Sarkus of Shokan. When he was a prince, his people were being slaughtered meaninglessly by the forces of Edenia. In one of the battles his father got wounded and the fate of the Shokan was upon Gorbak. At these times a powerful warrior had started a rebellion against the Edenian throne. Gorbak joined him in his quest and they became very close allies. They even gathered the Tarkatan hordes. After a few years they took the advantage of the war. And in no time they invaded all the Kingdom. Only Asgeria remained. But before the final battle King Jerrod demanded a Mortal Kombat which would determine the fate of Edenia. And so it did. Edenia lost. Shao Kahn became the ruler of the whole realm and Gorbak was allowed to create the province of Kuatania and rule it.